Hammered and humiliated

I’ve had some high points as an Arsenal fan, and I’ve had some low points too, and bloody hell, Saturday is very close to being an all time low – certainly for a League game. Not quite as bad as losing cup finals in the last minute or on pens, or semi finals against 10 men in extra time, but it is right there as one of the worst days I have ever had while watching the Gunners.
What an absolute shambles. Every one of the 11 players, and the manager and coaching staff should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. The best teams go to the ground of their rivals and keep things tight for the first 20 minutes, and then grow into the game ; we were 3 nil down by then.
Regular readers of this blog will know that I like to keep things positive, but after days like Saturday that becomes increasingly difficult. There is now a massive shitstorm in full affect, and massive pressure on the manager after the way his 1000th game turned out. A 6-0 defeat certainly wasn’t in the script, and losing to those blue bastards will always cut me to the bone.
Plenty of poisonous reactions from various supporters since, and I can understand them to some extent, but there are always some who go too far. Whatever happened to sensible debate and listening to the opinions of others? We are now back to the sad situation of fans fighting amongst themselves, as our season collapses around us. Nothing has changed since 2010, it would seem.
Something’s gotta give. If we don’t win the FA Cup then there will be a massive negative reaction, this time not just the keyboard warriors, but the match going fans too.
Before our trip to Wembley, we have some massive League games, and we have to recover as best we can. Morale in the team will match that of the fans, and I fear that Olivier Giroud will be the lightning rod for criticism for the rest of the season unless he finds some form from somewhere. We have lacked a player to single out for stick this season, but I fear that kinda thing will be on the way back soon as supporter’s frustrations get the better of them. It’s easier to criticise a player out on the pitch than it is to criticise the board or manager, so hold onto your hats.
We’re all in this together.

North London in RED

Still. A battling win in the North London derby, and this Monday morning seems that bit sweeter. Have some of that you Spurs bastards. One team in London. What a way to start the game – just smash it into the top corner from 20 yards, yeah? How do you like those big red apples? It was a poor quality game, but never one we had to chase after taking such an early lead. Few chances around, but Lloris made the best save from the BFG in the second half. We never really looked in trouble, apart from when SZCZ dropped the ball and we got it clear following a great block by the defence. Apart from those two moments, time just ticked away and we made a few substitutions to shore things up, and were quite comfortable in the end. Strange to think it is only the fourth league win there in Wenger’s long tenure, it has been far too long since the last one back in 2007. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another seven years for the next one!
A massive weekend for the title race, and Chelsea’s defeat has given us just a glimmer of hope again. City and Liverpool keep winning though, so every game is massive from now on. Stamford Bridge for us next week, so we need to get a result to stay in contention – anything could happen over the next few weeks. We could be back on top, or down in fourth position and well off the pace. That is three good results in a row against Everton, Bayern and Spurs, so we need to keep this run going next Saturday lunchtime.
Come on you Reds