Over to you, City & Chelsea

Another routine 2-0 home win. Lovely. I thought the match was quite similar to the Fulham game where the first half was very average and we didn’t create much, followed by a second half punctuated only by a couple of bits of high quality play to get us a couple of goals. Nice to keep spreading the goals around, and The Ox stepped up and took responsibility well. As we continue to miss Ramsey & Wilshere, and of course Walcott it is good to see some of the other midfielders and wide players finding some form ; Cazorla last week, Oxlade-Chamberlain this.

All we can do is keep winning, and Southampton aside we have done the job. There is such an incredible demand for this team to WIN EVERY SINGLE GAME that we play – the reaction to a decent draw at Southampton was totally off the scale from the NOW NOW NOW section of our support. Luckily, the loud mouth malcontents have piped down for a few days, but they will soon return ; and in greater numbers. We had a midweek off to recharge the batteries a bit for the tough games to follow, starting with Anfield on Saturday. Realistically, we have to go for the win to keep the pressure on at the top.

Plenty of debate about the lack of activity in the transfer window, but I cannot say I am surprised – I think I said before on the blog that it is safer to expect nothing, and then if we do get a signing we can look surprised. Kim Kallstrom is not exactly what I had in mind though, (was thinking more along the lines of Diego Costa or Karim Benzema), but an injured Kim Kallstrom is what we got. Still, it will give the loudmouth malcontents something to moan about as we are now back on top of the league. Just throw them a bone.

Keep the faith, and get behind the team.

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