We keep winning, but so do our rivals

Put the ball in the net, and get the points on the board. We keep winning, but so do Man City and Chelsea – nothing we can do about the latter, so let’s concentrate on the former. They can’t win every game, so we will get our chance to extend our lead at some point ; we just have to make sure we take it. Our sequence of winnable league games in January continues with a trip to Southampton next Tuesday night, so nothing less than a win will do.

The first half on Saturday was very poor stuff, but I’m sure the manager and the players realised this at half time and set about doing something about it. Two lovely goals from Cazorla and we could breathe easily again. Phew – I’d forgotten how stressful the title race can be. It was nothing more than a functional, effective performance in a thoroughly forgettable game – just the kind of game that can help you win the Championship, in fact. We will look back on this match at the end of the season, and struggle to recall much about it other than the scoreline, but that matters not. Fulham looked fairly poor and are gonna struggle to stay up ; our annual trip to Craven Cottage down the River Thames is under threat!

No more injuries sustained, Monreal surprisingly played 90 minutes, and even a mask-less Rosicky was well enough to make the bench. Another few minutes of action for the Ox, and Podolski looked sharp when he came on too. All we need now is a fit Diaby……..

Another clean sheet too, and they are adding up nicely. There are some great stats around at the moment about the BFG / Kos partnership, but the fullback and goalkeeper’s performances should not be overlooked either. Keep it tight at the back and it gives you a good chance.

Most of the back five should get a week off now, as the squad is due to be rotated on Friday night for the cup match with Coventry. I have been taking a keen interest in the affairs of Coventry City recently, and it is a crying shame what is happening to that famous old club. A lovely shiny new stadium lies empty, and CCFC play their home matches 35 miles away in Northampton. A terrible example of how tyrannical owners and board members are doing their best to ruin a fine club – we wish their fans all the best as they fight for the life of their club. I hope their team get battered on Friday, though!

Come on you Reds.

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