The return of God

Seeing Dennis Bergkamp every 5 minutes on the day Henry broke the 186 barrier (8 years ago) has forced me out of semi-writing-retirement. The nostalgia is getting me horny! That’s is the trouble with football, you hardly every really enjoy the moment, you’re always looking to the next challenge. I suppose it’s also the beauty of the game, that when you have a shit day, the next bright dawn is just around the corner.

I definitely didn’t savour Bergkamp and Henry enough. These guys were incomparable. You can compare now, Messi and Ronaldo, but they don’t play on the same team week-in-week-out. No bloody wonder we went unbeaten.

It’s like the moment we find ourselves in now, the most Premier League points in 2013. Ridiculously good form and some people are still spending every moment looking for the negative. Fucking enjoy it. Times are too short.

Bergkamp has his auto-biography to promote and so is on a mass press junket. One thing is clear is his love for Arsenal but another thing, becoming surely even more clear is, he is not going to give us assistant boss for a senior side for the Academy managers role. Bergkamp wants to give Ajax his all and that could, further down the road, play into our hands.

Hopefully the great mans presence inspires the team to victory tomorrow against Norwich. With Santi back and Sagna too it seems all too easy but how many times have we though that in recent seasons. Will the boss dare to pick Santi and Özil together or will he fear it’s too much?

The biggest question of them all is, who has the shittest hair?


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