Still top of the league

Well yes, of course we are. Still, it’s nice to just say it out loud, right? We are all having the usual panic attacks and nightmares about our key players possibly being injured while on International breaks, but so far, no news is good news. I’m not even really sure how most of our players are getting on, as I didn’t really look at the scores from Friday’s matches. The usual wins for Spain, Germany etc, and I hear that England have the newest global superstar in Andros Townsend, right? I’m sure Spurs are bracing themselves for a massive bid from Real Madrid? It is just fucking mental how the press can build someone up after a decent goal and MOTM performance against Montenegro. A few average to good performances next Summmer and they’ll be treating him like someone who got his cock out at a funeral.

Saturday can’t come soon enough, so we can get back to the business of winning matches, and on paper, home to Norwich should be three points all day long ; but the reason we all love football is because, sometimes, just sometimes, you just don’t know. Let’s hope the players don’t take a win for granted ; something that has happened quite a few times it seems, over the last 3 to 4 years.

We should have some players available again after injury, as we definitely need more pace and width in the team, as that was clearly missing against West Brom. Cazorla is the player who is apparently closest to a return, and Podolski, the Ox, Theo etc will not be too far behind. It is all hand on deck now for the next six weeks, with some massive games coming up. We have started the season superbly, but all of our League games could be classed as ‘winnable’ and there is that weird statistic which shows we actually have five points fewer than in the same games last season. I am all for a nice easy fixture list at the start of the season, as it gets the confidence up and gives the fans belief. For the last three years we have started appallingly and then recovered quite well in the second half of the season ; hopefully we can keep these performances up, and it won’t just be a mirror images of those previous years.

Liverpool, United, Dortmund, Chelsea all await in the next few weeks, so let’s get into the mood by smashing Norwich on Saturday.

Come on you Reds.

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