Still in pain from bloody Villa

Saturday hurt, I think it cut us all deep, those stupid enough (like me) to have blind faith in a new season to those who knew what was coming……….. it hurt! For 60 minutes we played okay, in patches quite well, but the last 30 minutes was a shambles and the third goal was an absolute joke!

The ref shat all over us. Lots and lots of fouls, kicks, and trips that were either missed or went unpunished. It culminated in an bad injury to Chambo. FA take note, your refs have cost you a player this season, the tackle was a disgrace but it was coming. . . . Villa were allowed to keep putting in dirty tackles and it ended with a really nasty one on Chambo. A few early bookings and I could argue that the challenge on Chambo wouldn’t come.

At least the ref has already been removed from the list for next week. It shows it’s not just me venting. The right decision. For me the refs main role is to uphold the rules and look after the players. He did neither.

The backlash from the match on Saturday saw an AST statement and a BSM ‘Letter to Ivan’. Yet again after the horse has bolted and followed by……… sign up here, join us, make a difference. If you believe in something you wouldn’t wait for a bad result to release a statement. I’ve read constantly this summer, Patience, and then overnight, it’s panic.

I do still believe in Arsene. I do still think the squad will be stronger on 2nd September. I would though fully agree something is wrong, there is no justifiable reason that we would kick off the season without new players in place. The reasons can only be seen on the 3rd September. Some will say it will be too late then, but I would say it’s too late now, if Arsenal were going to change manager it had to be before July and if they are going to change now, it needs to be in November.

My short term answer, have faith, longer term…….. the right investments in players and results on the pitch will make up my mind.

Most important now are the two matches over the next four days. An away draw in Turkey and a win at Fulham are the minimum required and I’ll be in full cry for both. The 18 man squad for tomorrow is; Chez, Flap, Jenko, Back, Mert, Koscielny, Gibbs, Nacho, Wilshere, Rambo, Frimmy, Rosicky, Santi, Podolski, Giroud, Theo, Sanogo, and Serge.

For me that ain’t too bad. Last time we had Udinese in the playoffs and we went and won away with injuries and a paper thin squad, not a lots changed.

Up the Gooners!

One thought on “Still in pain from bloody Villa

  1. Lennie

    I like your optimism but the bottom line is this spurs have just bid 30 million for Willian and we have bid 10 million for Johan fucking Kebab. It says all about our complete lack of ambition. There is no 2 ways about it spurs have over taken us. We have become a laughing stock and our once great manager has become like Brian Clough. Blinded by his own self importance


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