Patience is a virtue….

OK, this is getting boring now. But today is the 1st of July, right? Arsenal being Arsenal, they like to do things the right way, and as the transfer window is not ‘officially’ open until today, we live in hope that the ‘signed on a long term contract for an undisclosed fee’ press releases are suddenly forthcoming. OK……………GO!

The deadwood continue to leave by the back door, and hopefully by the start of the season, we will have said goodbye to all those lumps of meat taking up valuable space in the squad, and save ourselves about a million quid a week in wages ; Average players on massive wages sum up the mis-management of the playing staff over the last few years. Socialist wage structure my Aunt Fanny.

Arsenal send out so many players on loan every season, but they seldom break through into the first team – Jack Wilshere at Bolton, and a spell at Palace for Cashley back in the day ; Can anyone else name a player who went out on loan and then turned into a first team player? Too many players like Sanchez Watt and Craig Eastmond rattling around in the lower leagues while waiting for their (lucrative) AFC contracts to expire. It is always a bad sign when a player goes out on loan more than once ; I await the new season list of loanees and I’m sure we will see some familiar names.

Anyway, enough moaning from me. Has anyone signed yet??

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