And +3 points is where we are after a very good weekend for the Arsenal. A win in a very tough away game, coupled with a hilarious home defeat for the Spurs. Ha.

Let’s not get carried away just yet, though ; we still have plenty more points to play for, but the signs from the last two away games are very encouraging. A win against all the odds in Munich could be the springboard for the rest of the season, and so far so good. Szczesny and Vermaelen were correctly dropped, due to too many average to poor performances. Their replacements have done well so far, and deserve to stay in the team while their performances are of a consistently high standard. Some competition for places at last!

Koscielny has been unlucky not to play more games this season, with Vermaelen probably being shielded by the armband a bit too much. Fabianski on the other hand……He now has a big chance, so it is up to him whether he takes it. Both players are liable to the occasional ‘brain fail’ so we must hope they can keep that under control for the next 8 games.

International break has once again come at a bad time for us, so it remains to be seen if we can play with the same intensity and focus against Reading ; you just can’t tell with this team – It would be just typical to scrap a great win at Swansea and then fuck up against a team in the relegation places. Trying not to be negative, but once bitten, etc etc.

We will see who comes back from International duty in one piece, and we also await on Wilshere’s injury ; Will be play against Reading, or were the scaremongers correct and we will see him again in August?

Keep the faith

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  1. Pete The First

    First away game I’ve been to in ages. Great result. The game wasn’t all that, but a wins a win. The drummer in the Swansea crowd needs to stick that thing where the sun don’t shine!

    Fantastic night out in Swansea after.


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