Is this the team to turn on our own?

We often talk about over reaction, but I don’t think you can on yesterdays match, it was shit, as Fraz would say ‘fact’!

I’ve seen people saying Blackburn showed more passion and commitment, I don’t think they did, I thought it was a passionless performance, Arsenal opened up the strongest and Blackburn didn’t stick their foot in or anything like that. It was all on Arsenal, we showed incompetence with the ball, and lack of guts in and around the box.

Gervinho kept looking for help when the idea was to shoot or pass, not just daly on the ball, Giroud I think hid and Chamberlain huffed and puffed. Diaby gave it away more often than not. Arteta was busy early on but faded as the game wore on.

What cost us the game in the end was once again the defence, a simple ball out to the right and there is no full back or covering midfielder, Koscielny takes a gamble and goes towards the ball, Chesney tries his best to push the shot away, but who reacts? Chesney seems to have got the stick today but when the ball dropped, it didn’t drop to Kazim-Richards, he ran and struck the ball without being challenged. This team has no hunger!

Of course at the end of the game we had boo’s from large parts of the crowd. Old men heading up the stairs booing, fucking makes me laugh, what good is it doing? The XI lads who walked away from the pitch will be the majority of the team on Tuesday, berating the keeper and sapping his confidence, again, any good before Tuesday?

I’m told ‘we pay our fucking money we can boo’ but to me it’s not the affect we’re looking to, once the whistle goes in that game, the biggest thing for me is Tuesday. Yes we’re out but there’s no time for postmortems now, it’s time to fight, it’s time to stick together and battle.

Arsenal can beat anyone on their day, they can lose to nobody too, but this is football and you never know. For me one of Arsenal’s biggest problems is their mental strength, a weakness, and this team does not believe in it’s self. Does booing help that?

The time is May! It’s what annoys me about all these plastic walks. Why not do it on the last day of the season? Why not do it when you can have a cause and affect. Do we really think changing the manager today or next Wednesday will change the shape of our season?

I’ve also seen lots of talk about our attendance, both BlackSarf and Payton on twitter pathetically going on about it, trying to push an agenda. Yet for years top teams around Europe have published seats sold. Those 70,000 dead on attendances you see. Of course it’s tickets sold. What does it matter? It’s not a relevant fact when you consider Old Trafford will see a lower % of home tickets sold being used. When you consider their success it makes it totally irrelevant. The FA Cup gives you two weeks to go to a game. A game surrounded by CAT A games when you’ve already got commitments, that’s why attendances drop, and when you play Blackburn they bring the lowest number of fans possible. Gone seem to be the days of 10,000 away fans. The Arsenal attendance is painted as arrogance, I mean get real, it’s what it is.

I’ve seen so many negative comments on Arsenal, you can turn twitter off, but then even SSN pout their agenda, and the papers the same. Negativity sells! Some Arsenal ‘fans’ would sell their soul for the publicity, the ones mentioned before, and even the Gooner today! Mental!

It may be irresponsible of us to ignore the board, ignore the cost of tickets, ignore that passionless performance, but if we are a supporter of something so important as Arsenal do we not have a duty to get behind our team, today, and build a brick wall around our badge ahead of Tuesday. Show Europe we who are! By far the greatest team!

I know you will get behind the team on Tuesday and I think we’ll have a great atmosphere to greet the team. But should we not create that same atmosphere in the build up to the game. Our season is far from over, and whether you think it’s right or wrong, the minimum we require is fourth place.

5 thoughts on “Is this the team to turn on our own?

  1. robin banks

    Did I read your article correctly?

    Fella, wankers like you should be be opened up. You two bob mug, we were shit and the fans have every right to boo whoever they fucking like. Cunt.


  2. Dr Omar kauru

    Fuk mr wenger & d so call arsenal board! Mr wenga,i tink is tym 4u 2 leave. Pls u don’t ‘ve 2 wait til d season end. No trophy again diz season & no guarantee for champions league next season. What a setbak?

  3. Dr Omar kauru

    Wenger pls go wit ur socall policy of developing youths. Pls mr David myose Come& takeover coz i knw wit u, we’re winning trophies.

  4. Twivil

    Absolute common sense. Any players or staff needed to be pushed out- do it at the season’s end. Get behind the team even when it’s hurting you! That’s support and you know that is what real supporters do. There is a time and place for debate and whilst we are in the CL and fighting for a top four spot is not that time.

    Comeon! We need a Barca performance. Get behind the Lads! Wheyhey!

  5. Eddie

    100% good sense mate.
    Are there issues? – Yes, that is clear to see, but negativity is far from the remedy required. In the same way, removal of the manager is going to help our cause at all.

    Unfortunately, this squad has proved time and again that it lacks passion for games of lower profile. What is so frustrating was the casual attitude of the team on Saturday, who just expected to score. Consistently Blackburn put 8 or 9 bodies in their own box from kick-off, I am not certain that we had more than 4 at anytime during open play.

    Blackburn did homework alright. Everytime they got near the ball past the byline, they were happy to concede a corner. Look at the stats for number of corners, it must have been approaching 20! Did we challenge off any of them?

    It’s public knowledge that we cannot cross, nor can we defend them. I have no idea what the issue is, however, all we can do is shout for the lads until seasons end.

    Goodness knows, our full backs have Robben and Riberry to worry about…..the last thing they need is the expectation of boos from the fans if and when they make a mistake.


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