A day out at Wembly be nice….please!!!‏

First and foremost my friends,apologies to Block19er for the no show yesterday with my blog!!! Another shit day at the office….or should i say in the cardboard world i live in these days!!!

Interesting couple of games coming up for our beloved football club!! Blackburn tomorrow in the FA Cup and then our first leg against Bayern Tue.

Not down tomorrow for the Blackburn game,but buzzing like a 12 inch vibrator for the game on Tue. I really think we got a good chance of two trips to Wembly in our sights!!!

I think everyone can see the team spirit in our team is as good as we would like to see it…all the boys seeming to be pulling in the same direction and playing for the cannon on the shirt!!

Well impressed with the game last week against Sunderland….i thought the whole team played their part and as i said above all pulling in the same direction!!!

As always i am the first to put my hand up and say when i maybe shout my mouth off or say things off the cuff!!! But i was well impressed with Sagna last week….and feck knows the last time i ever said that!!!

I have been critical of him in recent times and justified as well i feel…though as always you have the critics saying ” ah but Jenkinson not ready or not good enough at right back ”

My opinion – I think he needs a few first team games under his belt and then we can sit back and judge him!! By fuck Sagna had plenty games at right back and he’s certainly never set the hay on fire this season…..then he plays centre half and plays a blinder!!! The mind boggles sometimes it really does!!

On the bright side it will give AW a couple of different options to be looking at for the future!! Though i won’t get carried away quite yet about Sagna!!

We all have good and bad days,this season he had a lot more bad than feckin good!! But as always…while he wearing the shirt i support him and everyone else 100%

Though i really wish he would take that feckin pot noodle off his napper…for the love of Arsene!!! Talking of AW rumours circling he about to sign a new deal!!

Bang on in my opinion and i really hope he does!!! I could imagine the faces on the black hand bag brigade when they heard or read that news!!!

Look on the bright side though….if he does sign lets say a three year extension or whatever….you’ll really get a good wear out of your flag with what ever pish is on it about AW out……every cloud i tell thee!!!

It really goes to show though,all they marches in the pissing rain,handing out flyers etc. has done them the world of good huh???

Anyway Blackburn tomorrow and i hope AW won’t rest too many players. I see he 50/50 with our Jack which is fine…every time someone goes in for a challenge on him my heart is in my feckin mouth!!!

I said it last week and i reiterate it again this week!!! There never be another ‘ Mr Arsenal ‘ but in my opinion he will be the closest we ever likely to see!!!

Good win tomorrow taking us in to the game Tue. two nice wins at home on the bounce and we still game on for two trips to Wembly!!!

By fuck am i looking forward to a day out with my Gooner brothers at Wembly…..but at the end of the day if it does or doesn’t happen in my life time i will still support them with all my heart till the day i pushing up daisies!!!

I not in it for the trophies,i’m in it cause i’m Arsenal – B all and end all!!!

Have a good weekend Gooners and hopefully i see a few usual suspects on Tue. night,most of all me old mucker Block19er……..oh yeah and by the way i split up with the fecking missus again!!! So lock up your daughters the residents of the Highbury/Islington area………..Fraz is back on the pull and there’s only so many times i can pull my feckin wire!!!

As always keep the faith….as always best wishes….Up The Arse!!!


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  1. whitesleeveswhitesleeves

    I was in your neck of the woods this week, had a great nite out at the Celtic V Juve game even if the result was a bit disappointing, but hey who are we to talk as I’m dreading Tuesday. and Wembley has an E in it, and we won’t be going near it anytime soon. Women are like buses there will be another one along soon or you may catch up with the one you just missed


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