Shite day…but every cloud eh??‏

All quiet this week…. of course with internationals going on blah blah blah!!! I see Engurland beat Brazil for first time in 23 years!!!

Just for the record Scotland also won for the first time in 123 years or there abouts…but as i always say proud Scot and by fuck….. a proud Gooner no matter what the result or weather!!!

As sad as i am to say i delighted that Jacky boy….got man of the match last night!!! I not sure if i said it in my last blog but he got to be The Arsenal captain….NOW!!!

In my opinion since The Verminator was handed the armband he never been the same player!!! I just feel he concentrating on what happening round about him to much…arguing with linesmans,refs etc. and that putting him off his game for me!!!

We need a captain and there never be another….like Mr Arsenal!!! But if someone was to come close to it….i think it be Jack Wilshere!!!

He would still play his own game and still be able to shout the odds etc. when need be!! Didn’t you just love it on Sat. against Stoke when Owen had a spat with Arteta and Jack was right in there!!!

Other than the result that was truly the highlight of my weekend that….you know me not one to question Le Boss or tell him what to do but FFS give the boy the armband now……….please!!!

Apologies for short and sweet blog,but i had a shit day at work,though as always my priority in life on a Thurs. is Clockenders and doing my blog!!!

Anyway on a brighter note….Sunderland away Sat. and only a short one for us boys!!! Last count was 205 travelling from Arsenal Scotland….so all good!!!

Always remember every cloud has a silver lining or is it red???

I be in better fettle next week….promise!!!

As always keep the faith…as always best wishes….Up The Arse!!!


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