Why would you have an International friendly now?

Enjoyed the cooks attack on Stoke yesterday, fully deserved, they a horrible cuns!

By far the most talked about Arsenal subject today is the new Arsenal website, to me it looks me like a blog (wanky bloggy people) which is probably to make the website more google/searchy friendly. Even the last Arse.com re-jigg didn’t change the format so it’ll take some getting used to. Overall I don’t like it but who likes change?

I’m not sure I’ll be organising a protest walk though, maybe some will try though hey?

The two hot topics on the new website are Internationals, we have 13 players out on full international duty, ridiculous hey? All of those players are in line for a start on Saturday, but we’ll have to hold our breath to see how many minutes they all get. I really don’t get my head around these friendlies, could there be a worse time to do it? Maybe if they tried to squeeze it in between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, other than that……

The other great bit of International news is GERVINHO is back! Waahey! To be fair to the man he started the season well, and he was the top striker out a ACN, but overall his season has been a horror. Shank, Slice, and Stumble the three S’s of Gervinho. Hopefully the break away can inspire him onto bigger things. He has the talent but too often it’s left looked deep in the memory.

Away from the official, I was interested to read a passionate new column from Danny Karbassiyoon, Danny talks about his time with Arsenal and says

Football. What a game. I never thought a game that features twenty-two players, a ball, and two goals would ever give me so much. The game has literally taken me everywhere – as a player, as a fan, and as a scout. I’ve played in loads of matches, and at this point of my life, I’ve probably seen just as many.

I follow Danny on twitter and he always strikes me as a top lad. Worth a follow.

Right I’m off to moan to some different people about our players getting injured on International midweek friendlies!

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