Anti Football

What a horrible bunch Stoke City are ; I include their chav attired manager, their thug players, and also their fans including the one who stood on his seat when Ramsey came on and made ’leg snapping’ gestures with his hands. What scum.

Their brand of anti football really grinds my gears ; tactical fouling, 11 men behind the ball, and their attacking game being exclusively based around set pieces is a stain upon the Premier League ; which made it all the sweeter each time we beat them.

To sweeten things even further, seeing their primate fans celebrating as they think our winning goal has been disallowed was just hilarious. Ain’t karma a bitch?

There was so little space for our front players, but we did pretty well in the first half ; I am continually disappointed that we do not go in at half time with a lead, since the West Brom game before Christmas. Begovic made some really good saves, and is clearly auditioning for a move to a Champions League club in the summer.

He did not have that much to do in the second half as we struggled to create many clear cut chances, but all of the play was compressed into Stoke’s final third, but there was so much traffic, the chances of getting in behind were minimal. And so it was a deflected Podolski free kick that made the difference, despite the linesman being desperate to rule it out, the referee made the correct decision, so well done him. Other than that, you were shit, Chris Hoy.

Pulis’ comments afterwards were typical sour grapes from a man who dresses like a Scouse lottery winner ; so we crowded the ref ; big deal. Your players try to cut their opponents in half.
So a decent result, but we won’t be getting carried away ; we really need to sort out our home form, so this was a good start, but now we need to improve our record at Sunderland ; I know we won there last year, but for years we have really struggled, and that was out first victory up there for a while I think. I have certainly seen us in plenty of disappointing matches at both Roker Park and Stadium of Light down the years.

No midweek match, as some of our players are going away to be used and abused by the national teams. Oh goody.

Hopefully everyone comes back in one piece.

Keep the Faith.

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