A moan at Stoke, A moan at MOTD, but overall a happy weekend

I thought yesterday was absolutely brilliant. Yes 2005 was our last trophy, we were closing on the top in 2008/9 until Eduardo got snapped in half, we are now shit this season, whatever, but there have always been teams that have chosen to stick it up Arsenal, the media seem to turn it into something clever, ‘arsenal cant deal with it’ and all that crap. But yesterday the 14 players used dug in and got the 3 points.

Stoke sat incredibly deep the whole game, at no point did they come out at us, and it was a case of trying to be patient and grab the three points. There was chances to do that but Begovic was inspired, I’m sure Uniched will try and land him in the summer, and it’ll be a great buy for them.

I stuck MOTD on for once this morning, fast forwarded to out part, and saw all the hallmarks of why I don’t watch the show, needlessly negative commentary, poor from Giroud, Walcott needs to do better and all that. We didn’t see any of the outrageous nastyness from Shawcross, the worst off all he did get booked for, no Owen, for the ‘smack’ on Arteta or the kick at Wilshere. At no point was Wilkinson mentioned, I mean that guy was useless if it was Santos it would have made the headlines, that guy makes Santos look like Roberto Carlos. I mean when Shawcross went in two footed on Koscielny’s chest 4 of the Stoke staff flew from the bench waving there arms surrounding the Lino and the fourth offical. These guys are fucking cunts! Thank god we won.

New boy Nacho Monreal made his debut and looked top draw. From the off he talked a lot gesturing for movement from the back four, he got forward too, even had a couple of wayward shots and he was solid except one nightmare late on, perhaps it was the confusion of the 120th long ball of the afternoon. Wenger said after the game it was a culture shock coming from Spain, you’re not fucking wrong!

The boss also said;

I said before the West Ham game and the Liverpool game that we are in a position where we can’t drop points. We dropped points against Liverpool but we couldn’t do it again today. What is more important is the quality of our performances is there, the spirit is there and the target to be in the top four is very important now because we have strengthened our belief and confidence.

We need to finally kick on now. I’ve said it all season, the title went, a challenge at the top went, and now it’s fourth place. With the scum continuing their bubble of form we need to ramp it up and go into the game against them with the chance to go above them. It’s four points and that’s not really a major issue if we win a game on a weekend they don’t it puts you right in there, the trouble is like Wednesday when they dropped 2 points we did to.

Wednesday night we should have won but their keeper was outstanding, so annoying when you see him drop a clanger today. I don’t right Everton off in this but really if Fellaini is out, they are not the same side, he scored two yesterday and continues to show what a talent his is.

This week and next the boys get two full weeks on the training ground, hopefully they can solve their defensive misgivings, build confidence and notch another couple of big wins. Sunderland again is dodgy for us, without Henry last year we were drawing up there last year and the year before it was 1-1. With Tiny Totts facing France B and Everton at Old Slumford it could be the very weekend were a win drags us that bit closer.

The Cook is in da house tomorrow, have a great week, Up The Gooners!

5 thoughts on “A moan at Stoke, A moan at MOTD, but overall a happy weekend

  1. Jack

    Spot on about Stoke, Pulis keeps saying they are a very proud club and have achieved great things since arriving in the PL, but all they have done is play Rugby and kick lumps out of their opponents. Had a quick look at the scums fixture list , they won again today but March and April will test them to the max. At that stage I expect us to be clear of Everton and ready to push 4th and hopefully 3rd.

  2. goonerOwnYou

    MOTD did talk about the Owen incident. But perhaps its better you missed it as they showed it from the one angle that makes it look more like a nudge then the blatant thump it was and dismissed it.


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