Nacho the savior!

Nacho! Nacho Man! Quality signing for me, right place right time, maybe, but this is a quality deal. I was delighted when I clicked at exactly 11pm last night and Arsenal posted the news we’d signed the Spanish left back. Perhaps he is the Leighton Baines of the Spain team but hey we’d have taken him wouldn’t we?

Of course we would all have loved a Striker, a middle enforcer, a centre back, a GK, but lets all get back to the real world. Signing a quality left back as real competition to Kieran Gibbs for his place in the team.

AST would have you believe that there is £50-£70Mil sitting in the bank and Arsenal continue to hold onto it. AST released a statement and yet again it stinks of their spokepersons personal agendas yet again. The final sentence sums up AST’s current mindset;

The AST hopes that Arsenal’s distant owner and its Board are looking at this situation as critically as its supporters.

Any need to make it personal? Nearly as childish as bounding up to the mike to re-shape a question at the AGM! Some people just want to be famous! Of course most of the AST statement is on the money and we’re all thinking the same question. Can there really be £50-£70Mil just sitting there willing us to spend it.

The worry to us all is that Silent Stan is leaving the cash in the business to build the value and take the dividends. To be fair to him he has never taken dividends from his other sporting investments, but hey there’s always the chance.

The spending did actually take us to 5th biggest spenders in the window but that I guess shows you what this window has become. The trouble then becomes, if we finish 4th, we’ll be promised more, renew our season tickets and then spend the season holding onto 4th place again! At some point Arsenal need to pick it up and push forward again, we’d have hoped it was this January, it now can’t be until June. We know this squad is not good enough to challenge for titles and so do the people with the power to change it.

Back to Nacho, he has said he wants to follow Santi’s lead;

As there’s a familiar face in Santi, I’m a lot calmer about things. Having shared a dressing room with someone who’s already made this journey is a good feeling. Now it’s my turn and I can’t wait to follow in his footsteps.

Maybe Camacho and Isco can follow in the footsteps next………

Nacho can get straight into action tomorrow. Stoke, nothing like a rugby style welcome to the Prem, hopefully he can get a chance to make a big impression. If not Vermaelen may switch to left back and Koscielny and Mertesacker may start at centre back. Rambo has played well at holding midfield and deserves another go and Diaby may be pushing for a start ahead of Santi. Walcott, Podolski, and Giroud have been a fruitful partnership and I hope they all start tomorrow, if they do, I’m confident!

Without wanting to sound like a cock, why not, I hope Andre Santos starts and scores the winner, I’ll be tweeting fuck off messages to plenty if he does. He plays for Arsenal – and I support him!

Come on your Gunners!

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  1. Pete The First

    B19 Ramsey ain’t no holding midfield. Maybe he can learn that role, but he is playing a lot further forward than the defence.

    I feel that’s part of the problem . We’ve got nobody screening the defence or tracking runs, so we’re leaking goals like a sieve.


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