90 mins please….it not rocket science!!!‏

I am truly at pains as to why we can’t turn up from the first minute of the game,not after 45 mins. and a chill out in the dressing room at half time….then going 2 goals down!!!

Ok we could argue the case that we can be happy with a point after being 2-0 down. But again that is just papering over the cracks.

Don’t get me wrong i’m delighted we salvaged a point,as i thought we were going to lose this one after the performance from some of the players and without a doubt the poor defending!!

I am never one to slate AW but i would like to get some honest answers straight from the horse’s mouth e.g ” why does he persevere with some of the players he does??? ”

Either their hearts are not in it….or in my opinion clearly not good enough to wear the feckin shirt….or a bit of both!!!

First goal we lost was a slip from the man that looks like someone emptied their pot noodle on his feckin head – Sagna!!!

I hate to say this but i truly wish he would have slipped right out the exit door. I know the pitch conditions etc. weren’t the best but i have seriously lost patience with him!!!

After the Chavski game my mind was more or less made up on him. Get Jenkinson in he certainly couldn’t be any worse and i genuinely believe he gives his all when he plays!!!

He can only get better with experience surely???? Where as Sagna….no one, not even him or AW can convince me he gives his all!!!

I have watched the replays of the goals over and over again and the whole defence have got to look at themselves and ask what the fuck was i doing there???

Again it was Jack Wilshere who tried to carry the team and as always gave 100% but unfortunately as proved time and time again he can’t do it on his own!!!

How long can you expect a player of his quality to keep trying to carry this team??? At the same time how long can you expect him to stay at Arsenal in the hope we can yet again conquer English football??

Unfortunately at the moment i am honest enough to say i don’t see it happening anytime soon do you???

Without a doubt there will be clubs sniffing round him,if not this summer certainly the next if he carries on playing the way he is and why not?? If i was a manager at a so called big club i would kill to have Jack Wilshere in my side!!

Though i’m not a manager,i’m only an Arsenal fan and that is why i worry about his long term future at our beloved club!!

The most frustrating thing for me is,the fact that Gazidis is probably sitting in the directors area watching him getting better with every game thinking ” fuck me he’s shit hot…we got him on a long term contract…by fuck the clubs who will be sniffing round him soon will have to offer big big money “!!!

Why??? Because it all about ££££££/$$$$$$$$ that for him and Silent Stan which is bitterly dissapointing!!

Again for us it is about supporting our club that we love and the 11 players on the park. Though there does come a time when you say ” enoughs a feckin nough “!!!

The good thing is the clubs just above us e.g that lot and Everton are well with in touching distance,but as always playing devils advocate the clubs just under us are also in touching distance of us!!!

Liverpool are only 3 points behind us now and Swansea and WBA only 4 points for the love of Arsene!!! I never in my wildest dreams thought i ever be saying or writing that!!!

God forbid and i mean that sincerely but if Stoke(who are no mugs) get 3 points on Sat. then they are only 5 points from us!!!

I apologise if i am coming across as Mr Negative or all doom and gloom but this is a reality we have to face up to and it’s got to get sorted sooner rather than later!!!

Though as i always say ” it not in my control as i am only a supporter,so please for fuck sake put the banners away and stop bickering amongst ourselves and do your best to get right behind the team,as hard as it may be at the moment……please “!!!!

As always keep the faith….as always best wishes…..Up The Arse!!!


4 thoughts on “90 mins please….it not rocket science!!!‏

  1. Pete The First

    Fraz are you turning against Arsene? Next thing you’ll be having a pint with Whitesleeves in Club Level!

  2. Fraz

    Def not Pete mate,no way…I just feel that as the manager of the club…he has got to at least come out and be honest!!! I not asking him to come out and say ” Sagna is shite ” no sorry yes I am!!! I won’t ever back against AW no danger!!! But I can’t hide my dissappointment in some decisions recently!! But again I’m only a fan…so I just stick to that!!!!


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