Not singing from the rooftop….yet!!‏

I think if we are all honest we never seen this result coming…or did we???

These days you just don’t know what to expect with our beloved football club!! I could only imagine what the vibes were like round the stadium when West Ham went 1-0 up!!!

Personally i didn’t even manage to listen to the game,which i suppose made the highlights all the more enjoyable to watch!! Not getting myself up to 90 during the game and then having to wind the feck back down again!!!

Went in to work this morning and one of the boys said to me ” you get your hole last night Fraz?? you looking chirpy?? ”

Before i could even answer another workmate said ” doubt it but Arsenal won, look at the fuckin grin on his coupon ”

It is so true….i have said it before and i say it again ” Arsenal completely rules my life ” Though as delighted as i was….i think we can all agree as i said in the blog heading ” Not singing from the rooftop…yet ”

What i seen last night and to be honest,it was just really the goals but it was superb and sets you up well for the next day!!!

Though i ain’t kidding myself on here and i still feel we have some underlying issues to sort out!!! e.g what did AW say too the players at half time against Chavski that he couldn’t relay before the fucking game???

I’ve seen a few decent games this season from Arsenal…though at the same time i have seen some howlers i care not to remember about as well!!

Though as always i have every faith in Le Boss to get us through this rough patch we seem to have been in,but at the same time to be fair we were beaten by Chavs & Citeh who have more money than a horse could shite!!!

So i hope we can take the positives from a good second half display against Chavski and a brilliant performance against Citeh considering we played most of the game with 10 men!!!

Though looking at a couple of comments left on Block19ers blog last night…you just can’t please everyone,but to be fair i think muppets like that would only be happy if Arsenal won the league every year….oh yeah the FA Cup,Capital One Cup and Champs lge. too for Arsene’s sake!!!

I also noticed a wee dig from me old mucker…Eddie re Giroud!! I’m the first as always to put my hand up and say ” I been a bit frustrated with him sometimes this season…..and i stand by what i say ” a few chances he has missed i reckon i could have put away if i had been in his position ” But hey it easy to say that when your sitting in the stands or watching it on Sky!!!

Let’s just hope now we can take this confidence in to the game against Brighton on Sat. which on paper you would think is a stone waller for Arsenal….but at the same time Brighton are no mugs and i have no doubt Poyet will have them fired up for this one!!! The mighty Arsenal coming to to town!!!

Gutted i not down for it,but unfortunately the finances will not stretch this far with other fixtures already booked and paid for!!!

Though i hope all the travelling Gooners have a good Sat. night out in Brighton after seeing The Gunners win….even if it is only 1-0 but by fuck would another cheeky 5-1 do me!!! Sorry i just being greedy there!!! Any result in Arsenals favour and i could very well be singing from the rooftop!!!!

As always keep the faith…as always best wishes….Up The Arse!!!


2 thoughts on “Not singing from the rooftop….yet!!‏

  1. whitesleeveswhitesleeves

    What a lovely little cameo of a day at work with fraz. I bet that conversation never happened. I felt I was reading some long lost script from “Carry on Wanker” . Sorry you won’t make it to the cup game (plastic or wot) it means they will have to shelf plans to film the remake of a British classic “Brighton Cock”

  2. Pete The First

    Great performance, at least at the start of the 2nd half. If we can turn that on regular we could be on to something.

    I noticed the West Ham fans generated their own fun & heat in the 2nd half by igniting among themselves.

    Satan punish dem!


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