Arsenal 5 v 1 West Ham

Barclays Premier League, Ashburton
Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 19:45

This was so much better than my boxing day…….. football god, delivery us a nice localish away day for 26th December 2013 please.

The game of course switch due to rail/tube strikes i.e. people wanting an extra free day off at Christmas. It started at a good tempo. Nothing fantastic but Walcott whistled one just wide early on.

Then of course the obligatory goal given away from a set piece, a corner, zonally marked, headed out to a man unmarked on the edge of the box, he has time to lash it home. Is this a shock? No, didn’t think so! Still lets carry on conceding.

Still on 22 the ball was spread out to Sagna on the right, Bac cut inside and slotted it back to Santi midway inside the West Ham half, into Jack who flicked it over to Podolski, who smashed the ball from 30 yards through the keeper. Boom! For me it’s one of those Happy Gillmore moments ‘Its much easier to score when you shoot from there in lots of space’.

It was a freezing cold half time wondering what Arsenal would come out, but we needn’t worry, we are now to be known a ‘second half arsenal fc’. Two minutes in and we’re two-on up. Walcott fired a corner into the near post Giroud, perfect run, simple header.

Santi and Walcott combine next, but Walcott’s shot is cleared, straight away Arsenal pick the ball up. Rambo across the half way line to Jack, out to the left to Podolski, Giroud flicks it up, Podolski pops it down, and Santi taps it home with a back heel. Simples!

A minute later and it’s four, Arsenal break through the middle, Podolski picks it up, fires past the defence, slides it across the box and Walcott is flying in to smash it home! Theo’s celebration of course, the invisible contract sign……..

It’s was getting a bit annoying, you sit down again, and then it’s 5! Chesney throws it out quickly to Jack, he spins and takes it into the West Ham half, slots the ball between centre back and full back, Podolski meets it takes a touch and fires it along the 8 yard line, and Giroud is there thundering in to poke it home!

There would be more chances, Santi and Theo were buzzing around, but Arsenal had killed the guy and those who had come out tonight got a real show. Podolski was genius and when it clicks for Arsenal it clicks, the trouble still it, and has been for some years, at the back. Maybe not always in personal, but always in the organisation, and mostly in the method.

A great night at the Home of Football. Onto Brighton!

Arsenal: Chesney, Sagna, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Vermaelen (Koscielny 58), Rambo, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski (Santos 70), Walcott, Giroud (Chambo 73). Subs not used: Mannone, Jenkinson, Arshavin, Frimpong.

Goals: Podolski 22, Giroud 47, 57, Cazorla 53, Walcott 54.

Att: 60,081.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal 5 v 1 West Ham

  1. para

    Wenger’s glory days in arsenal has end. He has nofin 2 render 2 d club again dan failure. Guys, pls go scout 4 d meaning of dat Old wretched Man den U’l knw dat he’s a total failure. Satan purnish em!

  2. Eddie

    We finally see a 10 minute glimpse of what this squad can do, then you get the three comments above! No one disagrees that we need to see some faces, but honestly, try and enjoy a good result every now and then.

    …..Fraz….I notice Giroud scored two without his head. Imagine what he could have done! :-) Looking forward to your blog today!


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