£59 not worth a headline

Oh dear, Fraz https://twitter.com/fraser_fraz/ is on twitter, I have never encouraged it because he could easily end up in jail!

Still it could be any one of us tomorrow at the Bridge, they’ve carried us out for having blow up articles in the stadium before, anything is possible. Today there were no positive results around us, even Liverhoof cracked in 5, bringing them level on points with us, I suppose that shows you how bad our season really has been. Tomorrow we are the early kick off, 1.30, hurting our drinking time, and then it’s the shadow dwellers v the original north western cunts. How do you decide who you want to win that one? I suppose we’d have to cheer the pervert for one game. When the shadow boys won at Old Slumford they celebrated it like a league title, I suppose it’s been a while, and we have to keep our eyes set on the nearest targets first.

Today, the press have tried to portray the Walcott deal in a bad light, 3.5 years, I even heard one dick head say, Wenger will have to answer questions again in 18 months. For a start it was a 3.5 year extension, so a 4 year deal. We’re also now being told Walcott isn’t even that good. Funny how spin is spun.

Tomorrow Walcott gets to let his feet do the talking and I know he is buzzing for it. Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs at the back. I’d like to see Coquelin give the nod in the deepest midfield role, Diaby with him and Jack more advanced as he was in midweek. Walcott has to start but I’d like to see Giroud pushed right up between Tesco Terry and Cahill with Cazorla on the left.

We’ll all be hoping Torre$ gets the nod over Ba, he’s a bloody nightmare, and I can see him going the way of Drogcheat. At least Senderos isn’t playing hey?

Not long now, and just so you know, my ticket for tomorrow was £59! Obviously not enough to make the headlines.

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8 thoughts on “£59 not worth a headline

  1. Momoh Abdul-Razaq McSIONEL

    £59? That’s just £3 less that our last ticket price that brought all hell down on the Emirates. Come on gentlemen of the press,not even a whim on this ticket price? Now I smell a great bias against anything Arsenal .

  2. Oguntuase Amos

    British Press is the most biased and corrupt in the world. You would never hear anything about £59 per ticket because it is not Arsenal and also because money has silenced them, British Journalists except few are bunch of hypocrites. Did you not see the mess they put Britain into during the bidding for World Cup? They were roasted in their own fire . They are best at character assassination of anyone they don’t like.

  3. whitesleeveswhitesleeves

    let me see if i have got this right, if you or you kilted monkey throw around homophobic comments it’s alright but if someone else does it ( jonny B ) your in their face. As for fraz having one up on me, he spends every waking hour pretending to be something he’s not. Was it the use of the name Winston Churchill that gave me away ? shucks, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids, nobody told me he was dead. Do you really think I thought anybody would’nt know it was me ? What age are you? take the fish hook out of your mouth.


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