Happy New Year?

Well, let’s try and beat the Saints, and then we’ll see. Four wins in a row in the League has helped us forget about the Bradford situation, and things are relatively positive right now. I can’t help but think that the poison and hate is simply ‘bubbling under’ and another bad result will bring that right back to the surface. Solution ; Don’t have another bad result! Ha.

Only Arsenal fans would moan about bad defending having won 7-3 ; it is OK to enjoy ourselves sometimes, you know. Yeah, we were a bit dodgy at the back, and Kieran Gibbs made another error which cost us a goal, but when you are red hot at the other end, it is of little consequence. Theo Walcott continues to get all the headlines, but this ‘centre forward’ thing is confusing people – It is easy to forget he was shunted out to the wing on Saturday before scoring his second and third goals. His all round play has improved considerably, but is this just because he is playing for a big fat contract, and then when he gets it, (from whichever club) will simply revert to bimbling about on the wing frustrating everyone??

It was a good win, and despite the problems at the back, we looked sharp up front and scored some great goals. Wilshere was awesome, but Cazorla had one of his quieter games – It’s funny how he seems to either run a game and influence every move, or just be largely unnoticed for 90 minutes. Fine by me, as long as his midfield colleagues perform on his off days.

We are on a good run now, and I just hope we can keep it going for as long as possible. We have a massive cup game coming up next weekend too, so are desperate for a result there, too. After that, we will have the transfer window signings /speculation / bullshit (delete as applicable) to keep us busy ; The latest Twitter rumours have us signing up David Villa, Zaha from Palace, plus a new deal for Walcott ; We can all dream! How about some new full backs while we are there! Leighton Baines please (as if)

Happy New Year everybody, let’s hope we can get it off to a good start at St. Mary’s tomorrow.

Up the Arsenal.

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