Mini Prinni Year‏

Well folks, that time of year again where we all make the statements ” nah definetly this year man nae shit ” We all reflect back on the year past how much we spent on fags and drink!!! How much we fucked up over the last year, ” but bollocks to that it not happening this year blah blah blah “… all know what i’m saying eh???

To be honest i not gave a fuck about how much i spent on smoking or drinking or any other bad habits i got up too(Goodison aside)…..not one man!!! Who gives a fuck i only live once!!!

This year i have caused myself so much mental grief and probably in hindsight a few drinking buddies i not likely to see anytime soon…..again reflecting, who gives a fuck!!!!! Well i do because unfortunatly it all been Arsenal related my friends!!!!

Looking back at myself personally – I have been booked up for and missed following fixtures – Arsenal v’s Chavski / Arsenal v’s that lot / Olympiacos home / Schalke away / and most recently Wigan away!!! Never got in to Goodison as i also had a difference of opinion with a steward(first ever time i been refused entry….and i so embaressed i hope it last 2)

I had arguments via FB and Clockenders with people i never met or likely(more hopeful not too, i hasten to add) to meet in my feckin puff!!! Had fuck knows how many barneys with the missus….arguments with guys at my work,at games,in pubs etc.

For what???? Because my opinion didn’t quite ring with others on Arsenal????? Fuck that,fuck that shit…..someone needs to give themselves a little shake me thinks!!!!!

Anyone who knows me know i wear my heart on my sleeve….i eat,sleep and shit Arsenal Football Club.

All i feel i have done in the past 3 or 4 seasons and to be honest certainly this season more than ever is defend Arsenal and AW!!!! I have truly not felt for the past year or so i been supporting the club, just defending it!!!!

I have bleated every week since i been back on the site blogging ” we only supporters that’s all we can do is support the club we love ”

So i have to go back to basics myself and do the same….I have decided to retire the kilt to the shrine!! Looking back it was good at the time….everyone having a laugh with or at times taking digs at the kilted Gooner…but at the end of the day i not there for other peoples amusement!!! I’m there to support the team i love with all my heart….so it back to basics for me!!! 501 jeans,nike air max,Arsenal top & bar scarf!!!! ” excuse me mate…nearest boozer to stadium….thankyou sir enjoy your day ”

Go have a few beers,watch my beloved football club,sing my heart out….win lose or draw do it the same way same style following week!!!!

Now that ain’t fucking hard is it????? Like i said above i argued,lost money,caused myself so much anger and stress about something i have got fuck all control over!!! Me defending AW ain’t going to make the board think – Here Fraz is right!!! If god forbid they do decide to part company with him!!!!

Just at the same time they not going to listen to people standing outside the stadium giving it monkey see monkey do!!! Handing out flyers,holding up banners,wearing black scarves(by fuck does/did that make my blood boil…..has somebody died FFS get a fucking grip man)

What i’m trying to say is look back on your own past year and think as an Arsenal supporter did i do my bit ?????

I can honestly put my own hands up and say ” I have never once slated AW and certainly never questioned his position….have you??? ”

I have bad mouthed the board on many occasion without fact. I have cancelled games(because of the negativity from fans etc.) i should have attended. I probably haven’t been the supporter i should have been….so i need to have a wee appraisal with myself before my next fixture!!!!

But ladies and gents i have saved the best till last on a personal note – My little princess Jordan confirmed on Dec. 20th at her 20 week scan she will be having a little princess of her own…..which means a GrandGoonerDaughter for old Frazy boy!!!!

Like i said above i have argued with many people over the past few seasons….but i will defend Arsenal till the day i pop my clogs because i love them so much!!!

But please believe me when i say this ” for all the love i have for Arsenal nothing compares to the love i have for my children ”

I would like to think we all agree on that children first….always??? So can i please leave you with this thought for next year ” if the chips are down at Arsenal and you feel like calling AW a c*nt or calling him useless…please remember he is a human being like me and you…..he has a wife and kid at home who are a lot more important to him than Arsenal F.C ”

AW is trying his best for Arsenal F.C i have no doubt about that,like i try my best to be a good supporter representing Arsenal F.C

I seen some fucking good Arsenal games in my life….the memories man!!!! But i don’t think anything will compare to the day when my little mini prinni calls me ” Grandad Gooner ” for the first time!!!!

I truly wish everyone all the very best for 2013 from everyone at Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club!!!
Also if i offended anyone since i been back blogging…..ah well who gives a fuck!!! You should maybe listen to me and stay the fuck away from the computer for 2013……then you don’t look silly and i don’t get my blood levels up………everyone a winner!!!!!

All the very best Gooners………..Up The Arse!!!!


3 thoughts on “Mini Prinni Year‏

  1. majestyk

    Your deluded mate. Its Arsenal FC not Arsene FC FFS.
    Wenger’s judgment is clearly not what it was or should be – he’s shot. Look at the evidence – recent transfer activity, Team selections, Tactics,Post match interviews etc.
    The reason the scarfs are black is because its the only color nike haven’t used as part of some god-awful strip.
    The fans can’t all be wrong. Bradford was the nadir.
    You can’t see the wood for the trees.

  2. Fraz


    Thanks for your comments!! Where exactly am i deluded in your opinion???

    I never mentioned anything about team selections,tactics etc. re AW or did i??? Why didn’t or don’t you apply for the Arsenal managers job if you think your choice in transfer market,team selection,tactics etc. is better than the man at the helm??? Listen if your succssesful i back you 100% like i do AW….cause he Arsenal!!!!

    With re to black scarves…sorry i wasn’t asking a question!!! It was more a statement of – Look at how silly you fucking look man!!!! Or you trying to get Nike to sponsor them???…..just playing devils advocate man….you know me!!!

    Final thought from me….if you going on the computer best sticking to Fifa 13, at least that way you feel like you are a real manager and then go back to your real job Mon. What you think bud??? Then we stick with what difference we can make to things yeah???

    So anyway….back to my question…why am i deluded in your opinion???


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