where do we even start?

Did that really happen last night? Just before you thought it couldn’t get any worse and not even two weeks after our miserable and lacklustre performance against Swansea we’ve gone and done one better. The manner in last night’s defeat was abysmal. It made the game against Reading feel like a complete waste. Bradford should for our reserves be a competitive but ultimately fruitful game and for our first team it should’ve been a stroll in the park. Maybe that was the problem! Did the manager set the team up properly because we looked very ordinary. Very very ordinary! This for all accounts has to be one of the most embarrassing results in our history. People talk about it being Wengers worse result as Arsenal manager but it’s hard to find a game more embarrassing then this In our modern history. Luton in the cup isn’t even as bad as this!


I tend to take what Arsene says at a press conference with a pinch of salt as we all know behind the scenes it’s a totally different story. Last night all I wanted him to do was say this was embarrassing but then again that would disrespect Bradford. However, you cannot in any uncertain terms say that we were competitive against this side. We weren’t, we were outmuscled and out played for most of the game. Fair play to Bradford.


It’ll take a couple of days for the dust to settle. In fact It’s probably not best to play Reading away from home. They’ll be well up for it and it wouldn’t surprise me if our players just weren’t. We need nine Jack Wisheres on the pitch. I’ll keep Wojech because he also has drive. Those on the cusp of Wenger out I’m sure will have been tipped off the edge, whilst the AKB will surely be scratching their heads this morning. Is this the beginning of the end? Was Swansea the beginning of the end? Thankfully we have a January transfer window that could be the blessing we need. Sign up Llorente and Huntelaar. They are proven players who shouldn’t cost more than 20 million for the pair. Huntelaar, Llorente and Giroud would be a great attack. It just won’t happen though. Unfortunately I think it’s going to get a little worse before it starts getting better.


Ever the optimist.



3 thoughts on “where do we even start?

  1. para

    I had this vision that from Jan AFC will start to reassemble the team starting the third phase of their master plan for the club. But it looks to me that the club is being run down to the ground.
    This situation is disgusting. If the team were trying and lost, then one cannot say anything about that. But the team seems to be completely at odds with one another, don’t know one another, yet in the previous game i saw a spark of the old arsenal.
    How can we play like that? Does AW have any pride more?
    AFC is being dismantled slowly but surely.
    All i can hope for now that there is a plan to rebuild the team with a new coach/manager and AW goes upstairs or goes somewhere else.
    It is my last hope that from Jan up to the end of the season and summer window the team will be rebuilt from ground up.
    What makes me worried is the way the team is playing we wont even get CL next season.
    Oh man, Arsenal fans across the world are wondering what is going on.

  2. jomaino

    What beats my imagination is how podolski, gervinho and ramsey could play so badly in the first half and yet they were not spoken to, because they came to do exactly the same things in the second half. Worse yet they will start in our forth coming game.

  3. Pete The First

    Reminds me of the way Clough lost it towards the end of his time at Forest.

    Although I doubt his Posty will find Arsene in a ditch after a night out.


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