‘Arsenal in diving outrage’

Or some shit like that anyway ; these headlines were all the rage on Sunday morning, but this ‘outrage’ has strangely disappeared by Monday, as everyone has a whole new subject to be outraged about following the Manchester Derby, and a few Manc knobheads getting totally carried away. Happy Invincibles Day to you all for yesterday. I found it hilarious how bottle jobs Clichy and Nasri let City down when the going got tough, my delight only slightly tempered by the identity of the player who scored the winner. Football, you cruel mistress; you give with one hand, and take with the other.

This was a weekend to fall back in love with football ; two great TV games on Sunday, bookending a hilarious Spurs collapse up at Goodison Park, all following on from a lovely routine home win for the mighty Gunners on Saturday. We heart clean sheets.

Cazorla dived, get over it ; I sense another Eduardo style witch hunt brewing, while Old Corinthian Gentlemen like Bale, Gerrard and Young get away with it. The ‘Foreign Disease’ indeed.

We played well, but West Brom’s keeper did not have that many saves to make, and needed to two pens to see us home ; we looked decent at the back, but Albion did not really threaten. I sense that Vermaelen is finding some long overdue good form, and Szczesny is improving his ‘presence’ all the time. I am not getting carried away, though, it is clear we still have some big problems to address. It was a shame that Rosicky did not get a start, but I suspect he will up at Bradford tomorrow night, with one of the normal midfield three getting a well earned breather. No doubt it is a massive game for our season, so it is up to the manager to pick the right team, with the correct mixture of first teamers and ‘the rest’ ; I think we should pick as strong a team as possible, as we will have six days rest til our next match the following Monday ; But what do I know? I’m not paid £7m a year to finish fourth and pretend it is a trophy. ZING!

January transfer window rumours are now rising to the surface, but everyone just needs to be like a load of Fonzi’s and ‘stay cool’, as we are not gonna sign anyone of note, and certainly nobody that will go straight into the team as a guaranteed starter. King Henry will probably turn up to a hero’s welcome, but is that really what we need? I enjoyed last year, and the Leeds goal was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the season, but, come on, it’s enough already. Just sign Llorente and Falcao. Simples.

Who would have thought that a match away to Bradford would define our season? How things change.

Up the Arsenal.

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  1. EmmanuelDaGooner

    Yes totally agreed only because it is arsenal they get over our heads nut all the gentlemen like young bale had escaped . I liked that old corinthian gentlemen.. hahahahah :D


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