Cazorla, Wilshere, and Flamini

MOTD and Sunday Supplement spent more time talking about Cazorla than anything else in football this weekend. Silly old men ruining the game……. Even John Cross normally balanced or in favour of Arsenal totally sold himself out.

Cazorla definitely went over easy, you can’t blame the ref, it looked like a foul, and he was caught turning at speed. I often see though when other players do it, it’s gamesmanship? For me I don’t want to see people diving but you know as well as I do Arsenal are one of the least likely to dive at this moment in time. We have had our divers, but we don’t now have a Bale, Torres, Young, Shrek, Gerrard player would will go down at every chance.

The West Brom manager came out and slated Cazorla, but I’m pretty sure he was celebrating week after week under Moron-iho when Drog-cheat was flying all over the place. My argument would be just issue a 3 match ban from now on for any dives, it ends diving. It ain’t hard. All these things, abusing the ref, shirt pulling, holding in the box, they are easily solved and what’s the point in singling out a foreign player when the authorities refuse to deal with the problem!

There has been a lot of talk about man of the match Jack Wilshere. He was superb on Saturday but more than anything, in every game, he has fire in his belly and that is what all the Arsenal players need. If you put that passion into the other players we would be some team. The boss said;

Saturday was the first time I have seen him very, very close to the player he is. Yes our young old Jack back.

I’ve heard that some of the squad want to play on Tuesday and have asked the boss for a role in the team. Wilshere would be on my team sheet. With Reading not till the Monday night, lets go bold, and put a solid first team spine through the team.

One last bit of gossip I was sent a text last night, and apparently on his way back (should you go back?) is Mathieu Flamini, this could be a loan in January with a view to a permanent move int he summer. He is a free agent in the summer and is struggling to get on at Milan.

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