Who we sacking this week??‏

Fraz Morgan
Not long till the weekend again. WBA at home. You would like to think three points in the bag for the boys wouldn’t you??

Nah to be honest I ain’t to convinced either. Last weekend there was no excuses from the players no doubt!!

Midweek I could see method in AW’s madness to rest a lot of the boys…still would have been nice to top the group though. But at end of day we through yet again!! Chavski…Citeh you listening???

I don’t know if it’s me and just my pure love for Arsenal!! But my glass is always half full rather than half empty when it comes to Arsenal!!!

Or as I always preach stick with the facts!!!!

Last week we had the big so called protest for, ah fuck it call them who you want!!!

Anyway what I seen on SSN other than that stupid fucking banner&a few kids walking along the street with their old boys singing ” we want our Arsenal back ” to my knowledge it done nothing,nowt,zilch,zero,nada or am I wrong???

At the end of the day we qualified for the last 16 again (again I hasten to add)! We have got a few serious issues to address on the park no doubt. Only they and our trusted manager can sort that out. My opinion a few players not fit to wear the shirt!!! But hey I’m not the manager I’m just a fan that’s it!!! Do I trust the manager??? 100% – Do I agree with him all the time??? Def not!! Do I think anyone could do a better job??? Def not!!!

I agree 100% that the boards are leeching bastards!!! But I stand by what I say protesting will do fuck all….other than piss me off & make you look stupid!!!! MY OPINION!!!

Boy on FB said yesterday – AW should retire and Arsenal give Fraz the job!!!
After I came in my pants I said I going to email Gazidis!!!
The boy said – I thought you never wanted Wenger out man?????

Just shows you how fickle football is eh??? But at the end of the day I say it once I say it again man ” it the real world we live in not the ideal world man ”

So the sooner we get back to basics and appreciate what the fuck we got the better!!!

Have a good weekend!!!
As always best wishes…Up The Arse!!!

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