Groundhog day

Morning all,


I’m find it particularly hard not to be pessimistic about Arsenal at the moment. Three poor results and four poor performances since we beat Spurs. I’ll count Montpellier as good performance and a good result and Everton as a relatively poor performance but a good result. Every game at Arsenal seems like groundhog day. Since the international break the only time we’ve looking truly exciting was for 70 minutes against a Totten*am side with 10 men. The really disturbing thing about this season is that we look better against the ‘big’ clubs. With the exception of Man Utd away, we’ve played Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Tottenham and managed good performances. Even the defeat against Chelsea was a good performance where we somehow managed to through away the points. We don’t seem motivated by the lesser teams. Sunderland (h), Fulham(h), Villa(a), Norwich(a) and Swansea(h). Looking at the games we played last season against the same opposition we managed 13 points out of 15 points but this season we’ve managed 3 points from 15. Incredibly against these teams we’ve managed to score against one of them. Just one! We couldn’t even score a goal against Villa, Sunderland, Swansea and Norwich. We need a big January transfer that can push us on and give us that Arshavin effect. I know it sounds all doom and gloom but as I said right now I’m in a bad place with this team and I can’t see when it could turn the corner.


Last night was yet another one of those Arsenal moments. We controlled the first half and could have scored more and even the left back who could have easily been our mascot looked good. The return of Rosicky was a plus and he added much needed energy that we clearly lacked in the second half. The second half was a different story. We looked like we could string two passes together. Gervinho looked like a player lacking a mass amount of confidence and Chamakh did what he does best. I still for sorry the guy. Scored goals at the start, lost his place to RVP and never recovered. The quicker we forget about last night the better. Remember Man City were out before they kicked a ball and Chelsea are on the verge of going out so it’s all not that bad.


West Brom is massive so fingers crossed we can get a good performance and result.

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