Nice to Michu

So much for the run of ’winnable games’ we were looking forward to. What an absolutely shit performance that was ; it got what it deserved, it was a shock that Swansea did not have it wrapped up long before it did ; Probably just as well for the Board & Management, as there was not much time left for the frustration to build ; people just up and left ; I bet the pubs in N5 were quiet post match, as 57,000 Gooners decided to go straight home and kick the cat.

AW complained the team are tired, but the reason for that is that the back up players are absolute dog shit, so cannot be trusted if the first choice players need a rest. And who’s fault is that?

Giroud did get a rest, but we all wish he didn’t, as Gervinho showed us his usual bitofadribblemightryandbeatamanohitsgoneoutforagoalkick ‘skills’.

Walcott and Podolski were as close to invisible as you can get for 90 minutes. Cazorla and Jack in the midfield were trying to do it all themselves, and Szczesny did well to keep the score down, but the rest were a disgrace to the shirt. The atmosphere in the ground was pure shit, but as I looked around at my fellow supporters, all I could see was a load of bored people who had seen it all before, and I could not blame anyone for that ; the fanbase are thoroughly pissed off with the current regime and with being promised jam tomorrow. I don’t pay nearly £1000 to be told that fourth place is a trophy.

We have a trip to Athens on Tuesday that is quite frankly the least of our worries right now ; A massive home game against West Brom on Saturday, where the ire of the crowd will be felt if we are not 2-0 up after 30 minutes, and then our only slim, slim chance of getting anywhere near a trophy with Bradford City away next week. If we fail to win both of those games, the poison directed towards the team and manager will be unbearable.
I’m sure we will hear all the stories about who we are gonna buy in the January window, and have the manager dampen expectations by talking about signing ‘Super, super quality’ players, but how none are available. Well, it’s funny how no good players are ever ‘available’, apart from players like Nasri, RvP and Walcott, as they are proudly running down their contracts so they can head off elsewhere ; Are we the only club who has the ‘PLAYER AVAILABLE’ klaxons going off every transfer window?

Earn your money, get out there, spend MY money on some decent players instead of persevering with SHIT players like Gervinho up front in games we need to win.

Arsenal, Arsenal sort it out!

5 thoughts on “Nice to Michu

  1. J D

    Spot on I’m glad another supporter actually speaks the truth like myself, it was shit on Saturday and I’m not looking forward to next weekend either. If they are not going to play for the shirt best they fuck off in January and we can get some players in who will!

  2. barsslman

    Arsene wenger must be sacked, he is a useless coach, he’s bn given enough trial, yet no improvement,lez try anoda brain.

  3. Pete The First

    The pubs were pretty busy where I was. We needed some alcohol to cheer us up.

    Win or lose …….always the booze!

  4. Eddie

    I find it embarrassing to do this, however, reading sky sports, it looks like a Man United fan has got more sense than some of our fans…

    “As a Utd fan, I find it absolutely ridiculous that you Gooners are calling for Wenger’s head. I thought you guys were meant to be going against the current of knee jerk reactions, instability and over-priced egotism that currently plagues the game!? You’re in the last 16 of the CL. 5 POINTS off third!!! You’re also in the Capital One, and its so early in the season the FA Cup hasn’t even started!! What crisis indeed!? I rate Wenger almost as highly as SAF – he re-branded the club into one of the most exciting teams in Europe, after the inglorious slide that occurred under Graham. Who would you rather have? I can’t think of anyone better suited. LFC has shown how throwing a lot of money around can get you nowhere. The risk/reward factor of spending big makes it non nonsensical unless you have a bottomless pit – which Arsenal do not. I would rather follow Arsenal into relegation than support a team like Chelsea or Man City, who represent everything that is wrong about football. ”

    No doubt this bloke lives in London and thinks Paul Scholes should win sports personality of the year….still….seems more in tune than some of our lot!


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