Shall we move forward rather than backward?

Yesterday was turgid in every way! Freezing cold! Icicles on my balls still. That stupid crappy walk and of course the fucking game! I’ll ignore the FA Cup draw (Swansea away)!!

I thought the Schalke home match was bad but this was another level. So slow on the attack and our best ball players giving it away for free!! Wilshere even looked average.

I’m not sure I’ve seen Jenkinson and Walcott link up well. Jenko seems set on running into Theo’s space. When we did have the ball it seemed to be down the left and then you look up and nobody is in the box. Theo wants to play in the middle so much so why no gamble?

The goals straight down the middle. Centre backs at see and the keeper exposed!! Fucking horrid! Then of course the boos at the end! Fucking hell!

Driving back down the Holloway Road I was wondering do the player want to play for Arsene? Has he lost them? For me that is the worry at the moment!!

The walk, the guys see as a success, all over twitter celebrating 2000 walkers! What’s it achieved? Well that’s to be seen. It’s divided fans and got a look of people looking back, div’s singing we want our Arsenal back! Well how’s about, that aint fucking happening. Let’s use Arsenal’s plastic moto ‘FORWARD’ as that’s the direction we need.

Stan’s not going unless you have a bank full of cash! So this is his era and Arsenal need a fresh look. FORWARD not backward.

Perhaps some fan groups should have a look at moving forward to! AST spokesperson walked the walk and tweeted the following

If Peter Hill Wood looks out his Boardroom window he will see a lot of people with an interest in his affairs right now.

Sorry? PHW was in hospital after suffering a heart attack!! Be proud of your work! So proud!

Get well soon PHW – Arsenal through and through!!

Yesterday was hard and I am JADED! Turning my football head off until Tuesday night!

3 thoughts on “Shall we move forward rather than backward?

  1. Kati

    I love to hear you mentioning his death not being hospitalized like he murdered our dear club! Here i said it no regrets ever.

  2. owens

    Crappy game..not bordered of tuesday’s night..but waiting for the weekend to watch another outplayed arsenal fc and at 90mins lost 1-0..and watching the fans protesting again…outdated philosophy of the manager and having an indiffesent board..SH*T!


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