Days like that are what it’s all about

Sometimes, we wonder why we bother, but days like we had on Saturday make it all worthwhile. Being an Arsenal fan has had it’s ups and downs over the last few years, but we always end up with more of the former than the latter by the end of the season ; unlike that bunch of wankers known as our ‘neighbours’.

How many times down the years have they been ahead against us, but managed to mess it all up? Too many to mention. After their Togolese Ego put them 1-0 up, he then showed his true colours with a ‘glory boy’ tackle when there was no danger, and he had a lovely walk off for an early bath after the referee correctly showed him the red card. What a twat.

You got sent off,
Because you’re a Cunt

The key at that point was to get back into the match ASAP, before Spurs could really regroup and drop back further and further. Shortly after I was discussing with my mate how Mertesacker is some kind of ‘reverse magnet’ for the ball in the opposition box, the BFG powered home an absolutely unsaveable header, and from that point on, we took them to the fackin’ cleaners.

There were some nerves in the second half after Bale took a few minutes off from peeling bananas with his feet, to bring the score back to 4-2 ; they then had another good chance, but that was as far as their ‘comeback’ got ; just as well really, as you could feel the nerves around the stadium at that point ; I don’t blame the fans, we really do have such little confidence in our defence at the moment. The 5-2 final scoreline was a delicious repeat of last season, and has given us another six months as the Kings of North London, so you can add that to the previous 125 years worth.

There really is nothing sweeter than giving those fuckers a good beating, with all their pre match’ we are getting closer to Arsenal’ bullshit ; will they ever learn? Steffan Freund was especially guilty this time, and he was full o’ beans in the technical area as they were 1-0 up, but we didn’t see much of him from that point on. He is apparently something of a ‘cult hero’ from his days as a player at Spurs, and after all, the definition of cult is something that is not very good, but people like it anyway, so based on that, they have had plenty of ‘cult heroes’ at the Lane down the years, cheered on by their mob, until they came up against the Red & White powerhouse from the other end of the Seven Sisters Road ; Know your place, Tottenham.

Santi Cazorla was back to his best after a few indifferent games, and he absolutely ran the show, and they had no answer from their succession of fat, overweight midfield players who could get nowhere near him until the final whistle. Theo also had a good game, and I must admit that I am now convinced that he deserves that new contract ; I have been watching Walcott as long as everyone else, and have been continuously exasperated by his shortcomings, but his recent displays have changed by mind. My only concern is that he is simply ‘doing a Rosicky’ and after the new deal is signed, he will go back to being average & injured. Prove me wrong, Theo ; prove me wrong.

I heard a stat that this was the first 12.45 Saturday home game we had won in about three seasons, since those two goals in a minute from back in 2009, which underlines just how bad our results have been against the other top teams in the last few years. I won’t try to convince anyone that we are still in the title race, that is clearly the talk of a madman, but we can close in on Everton, West Brom etc soon enough and get back to our cost little position in fourth place.

On to Montpellier on Wednesday night, and if we win and Schalke also win, that will mean we are both through. The final group game will then decide who comes first or second, but better than going to Greece looking for a result to take us through at all.

Come on you Reds.

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