What a night on the International front hey? I have to say I watched more of the ITV coverage of the England game than I probably would have if it was played. ITV strung out their coverage as the referee, FIFA, and co…. made a shambles of what was supposed to be a World Cup Qualified. A stadium with a roof and you get the game called off because of rain, mental! It made it even worse the ref took three trips to the pitch to roll the ball, without the ball rolling, and still persisted in the farce! All I was think about was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, that was High Street Green, leg broken in the mud conditions!! Apparently the game will be played at 4pm today! Lets hope the Ox is watching from the stands.

The other shambles came in Serbia where the U21s qualified for the Euro’s. Some of the most shameful scene’s of racism in recent years, although I’m not sure how the FA can stand up against this one after Terry-gate, what are we teaching people? This was an U21 match and the Serbs aimed racist abuse, throw stones, chairs, cones, and all sorts at the players, and even some of their players were involved.

To be fair to a couple of Serb players they looked like they were protecting a couple of the lads but the majority where pushing and shoving like spoilt brats in the playground. I recent year punishments have been so low but this has got to be time for UEFA to stand up and be counted. Serbia should be removed from all International football for a year! End of World Cup! That has to be the minimum! Would you want our Arsenal players going to Serbia? Not a fucking chance!

I’m attending a Kick it Out event on Saturday morning, #KickItOutHemel it would be nice to see heavy and swift punishment, so that the work groups like Kick It Out do is not totally wasted by a country or morons!

Back to matters Arsenal, Girooooooooooooud scored a 94th minute equaliser for France against Spain! Excellent! That has to boost his confidence. Cesc missed a penalty in the same game which made me giggle like beavis and butthead! Eduardo scored against Wales which made me laugh, despite the fact they have Rambo, Wales shitcunt status is outweighed by the fact they have that diving prick in their team. You know the guy RedKrapp said is on a level with Messi! Sweden also came back from 4-down to 4-4 with Germany, I’m sure Mertesacker was at no fault! Ooops! The BFG did actually score which must had been a header, I can’t see him smashing a 30 yarder in the top corner.

Arsenal will play Chel$ki U21s at Shenley in a behind-closed-doors friendly, Wilshere, Frimpong, and Sagna are all likely to be in the line-up. Wilshere is likely to make his first team come back away at Reading for the COC!

I’m off to hold my breathe on no more injuries………….. Bloody Internationals!

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