Attendances & Profits

What a day Saturday? As the cook said yesterday, helped by the fact Blackburn are shit, but they did beat us in September so that’s one way to ram that back down their throats.

Despite the fabulous performance, Chambo, Theo, and RvP showing what they can do as a three, there were still mumbles of moans, pointing to the ‘empty’ stadium. Where were the bin liners though? I keep hearing we have dwindling attendances, but isn’t it more that we have a lot of fans, club level, and above, who have so much money that they can afford to buy a season ticket and not bother going when it’s just Blackburn, and it’s a bit cold. Part Time I would call them! Worth bearing in mind though that Blackburn managed to sell about 500 of their 3000 allocation and we managed to then re-sell most of their unsold blocks. Not bad going I would say!

Whilst on that, is it worth papers like the Mirror and Metro doing a bit of research before putting out there talk about Gooners planning protests. It was bad enough a ‘march’ at the end of the season got so much coverage, but this, a dream of two 14 year olds in their bedroom in India. What fraction of our support does that cover? Perhaps using Twitter as a new source is not all it cracked up to be!

Mexican flop Carlos Vela doesn’t want to come back to Arsenal, so can we can his contract now to save us some cash? He said;

I don’t want to return to Arsenal. I have asked my agent to negotiate with Arsenal to stay here.

Fuck Off!

There’s lots of Wenger talk today from comments made speaking to a Belgian paper about the potential of signing Eden Hazard. The boss said;

Hazard’s profile fits a high-level club and Arsenal is a high-level club. But you should know that each season it is imperitive Arsenal make a profit of between £15m and £20m. And I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.

That’s pretty hand as we’re about announce record interim profits, circa £50Mil, so we should have good surplus to go and get Hazard. Add to the fact there is £50Mil already in the transfer fund account, we should be fine to spend, and need to stop the bollox excuses. Why ask for financial fair play and then slap you’re own extra rule on it, why do Arsenal Football Club need £20m profit? For Mr. Kroenke? He can poke it! If ain’t careful they’ll be a few people looking to poke it for him!

Redkrapp’s trial sits again for the Verdict, I got the impression from the summing up, the judge was looking for lenience because of character, does he mean cos he’s just like Del Boy……….

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