The flag is coming, Saturday, and the clock is coming next season

Hi all

Ok, here it is. It is 18ft by 15ft, it is on order now, and it should be with us in time for the Burnley game on Saturday, for us to drop from Club Level.  Failing that, for Porto on Tuesday week.  Thanks must go to the posters on the Gooner forum who (among others) had the idea, and one in particular who came up with the design.

Now, one thing about 18x15ft banners is that they are not cheap.  Not cheap at all.  To help pay for it, we are accepting donations, large or small.  We will get Aaron Ramsey to sign it, and when he is playing football again we will give it away to one of the people that contributed towards it.  Think of it as a raffle, for a good cause, with a great prize.

You can contribute in a couple of ways:
1.  By PayPal.  Please make payments to and mention “REDaction Ramsey” in the payment.  Please also give us your email address and phone number so we can contact you if you win the draw.
2.  By cheque.  Please make cheques payable to REDaction.  One option is to post to REDaction c/o MBC-n, 2nd Floor, Fairman Law House, Park Terrace, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 7JZ.  Or, you can drop cheques off at The Rocket this Saturday, where we will also be running a bucket collection in the foyer.  Again, please write your email address and phone number on the back of the cheque if you want to enter the draw, or give your details to the person with the bucket.

It was also great to see Ivan confirm our hard work towards get the clock back where it belongs could come to an end this summer. The ClockEnd will be once more revived.

Fair play Ivan!!
That’s all for now, anything you can contribute will be a great help towards paying our big new credit card bill.

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12 thoughts on “The flag is coming, Saturday, and the clock is coming next season

  1. Karthik

    Great idea, too bad i don’t have cash, would’ve loved to donate towards the cause.

  2. REDactionREDaction Post author

    Jay, Well, think what you like, and you are free to say what you like, but if you know anything about the group REDaction, then you will know that the last thing we are is “money hustlers”.
    Just have a look at our web site – & see the donations we have made to Willow, TCT & Treehouse over the last few years, or our justgiving page to see we are about £3K towards our £8K GOSH target. We have raised over £25K to these Arsenal related charities.
    I would question whether you are even an Arsenal fan? As if you are, you will know about REDaction, so as I think your not an Arsenal fan, fuck off back to your own teams sites fuck wit.

  3. donkey

    well it be great to have a flag flying for ramsey and the lads to show them we’re all behind them.
    but what better news then the clock comming home (hopefully in the south end )the clock says it all about arsenal,its history,
    our heritage,our high standards,pure class.
    ps can some one set the clock to the right time please as last time i looked it had stopped lol up the gunners

  4. Dylan Rance

    more importantly i hope wenger picks a strong team on saturday – i know next tuesday is important but saturday is maybe more important.
    need to start strong and win the game then rest people

    would start

    eboue tv sol clichy
    nasri cesc song rosicky
    bendtner eduardo

    as mike bassett would say 4 4 fucking 2!

  5. SolsaGooner

    doesnt say alot for how good or even how bad stoke shity are if they can get beaten by supposed panzies fucking twat go fuck urself and shawcrap while ur at it!!


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