Arsenal back to blue……


Arsenal have gone back to Navy to re-create an unbeatable away side………At least it’s not black, pink, or green.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal back to blue……

  1. John Stamp

    Where did you get this picture? i signed up to the preview on the 21st but my email was blocked and im just curious as to what pictures it showed you. i think its quite nice classy and i can see arsenal being a force to reckon with in this kit.

  2. ClockEnd RyanClockEnd Ryan

    Loads will moan as it isn’t yellow, but as a kit I think it looks good. Better than the blue of 04/05 and better than the white kit.

  3. Block19erBlock19er Post author

    Def better than white!!
    We should be red with white sleeves and yellow but the marketing department are gonna do their stuff. More money to save in the bank for the AFC!!

  4. sackmycooksackmycook

    It’s that old bollocks about how the replica top must look good with jeans to maximise sales, so the blue obviously does that.

    I think it looks like a Coventry or Man City away top.

    Blue is the colour of failure.


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