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Thanks Cook,top man!!!!

Still in mourning…still keeping the faith…ish!!‏

Well….some may say the inevitable happened Sun. past and it did unfortunatley!!

I’m not going to go on about that or mistakes made or opportunities missed etc. At the end of the day we were beaten and have a lot of work to put in from now till May to finish above the c*nts!!!

Can we do it?? I have no doubt about that…we’re Arsenal after all!! Can we do it with some of the players we got?? Well that’s a different question all together!!

I really have lost a lot of faith in some of the players and to be honest…never had any in some of them….but as always, while they play with the cannon on their shirt i support them!!!

Interesting to see Sun. in the papers and all over the internet about the 1.5 billion alleged bid for the club!!

To be honest i have never been one for the thought of our club being run by arabs or rich Russians using us as play thing…but to be fair i not that fussed for a yank using us a money saving scheme either!!

Now i’m thinking to myself…ah fuck it if someone wants to come in and throw silly money about buying players and thinking about the fans and not lining their own pockets…well knock yourself out big man!!

I just feeling a bit doom and gloom at the moment as i really thought we would win on Sun. and bring the point deficet down to one!!

Well fuck all footy for us this weekend as it FA Cup…..oh yeah we not in that cause we were horsed out by Blackburn at home!!!

Sorry man, i really am feeling a bit down at the moment and the one thing that always picks me up is The Arsenal….but it just not happening at the moment!!

Listening to they c*nts Sun. in the crowd singing after the game nearly knocked me over the edge!!

So maybe it is time to get someone in who has more money than a horse could shite and throw silly money about and get the trophies rolling in at T.H.O.F

Also give us Gooners a few good days out at Wembley etc. but most of all put they muppets back in their place……….our SHADOW!!!

Right i’m off to put my head i the oven for a bit……until next wk. Gooners,i wish you all a nice non footballing weekend……oh yeah and i hope to fuck Inter put at least 5 past they smug fuckers tonight!!!

As always best wishes…as always keep the faith…Up The Arse!!!


Sp*rs can kiss my arse…FACT!!‏

Just a quick blog today before i head out into the cardboard making world for another 12 hours!!

Not really much to say to be honest as everything that has happened in the past few days/weeks all goes out the window….because Sun. is the N.L derby!!

On paper people will argue the case that they will be favourites on current form,playing at home etc. but fuck that i don’t buy into any of that shit!!

One thing is for sure if we have any chance of getting third or fourth spot come May we really need to beat these fuckers on Sun.

I’m as nervous as the next man 100% and i have no doubt most Gooners will be!! Being honest Abdul as i am,i had fully gave up hope of catching them last season and was disgusted with myself for even thinking like that, when we came from 10 points behind to finish above them…..Keep the faith we say!!

I didn’t last year and even gave up my ticket for the game….not because i was being negative or anything,just because i couldn’t bear sitting above they fuckers below…(my season ticket is just above away fans)

In turn i probably missed one of the best comebacks in a N.L derby in my lifetime so far!!! But hey that’s what i got for not keeping the faith in The Arsenal!!!

So for that reason i am nervous yes…always am on derby day,because as we all know derby day is a completely different ball game!! Even when we were winning titles,doubles etc. I was nervous as fuck,because everybody ups there game for these ones and everyone wants to beat their rivals!!

It is spoken about for weeks,months on end and the players know how much it means to the fans!!

So please…who ever the starting eleven is on Sun. make sure you give your feckin all and score at the very least one more than they c*nts!!

I have said it in the past ” I’m not in it for winning trophies etc. being a Gooner ” Though what i will honestly say is one thing i do really give a fuck about is finishing above that lot!!

But hey,i not even thinking like that cause we’re Arsenal and we’ll bring the points deficit down to one come Sun. then on paper we have an easier run in for the remainder of fixtures!!

But as long as we look after ourselves and pick up points we should be ok!!!

For all you Gooners travelling along to the poor end of Seven Sisters Rd. Sun. I wish you all the very best and in turn ask that you get right behind the team for the full 90 mins.

Never have been and never will go to that shit hole of a feckin place…unless it is to burn it down!!

I just wonder if they three c*nts from last season will be wearing their ‘ mind the gap ‘ t-shirts??? Probably will cause they are all deluded fuckers..the lot of them!!!

Always in our shadow…always!!!

As always keep the faith…as always best wishes…Up The Arse!!!