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who the hell do we play on saturday?

Morning Clockenders,


It’s a while since I last blogged. Mainly due to work, but also to do with laziness. It all became like one big circus at Arsenal, one where even I began to laugh. It’s great to win a Derby before an International Break, you get longer to savour it, and it’s even better when that evening Sp*rs sell their only world class player that helps us buy our only world class player. We all know what a world class player can do to a football club, just look at Bale and Sp*rs and Van Persie at United. These players can win you games that you shouldn’t win, they can play that impossible pass, make that slight diversion in their run, or just score a goal that looks improbable. We missed that last season and I truly believe that Ozil, although he might not necessarily be the player we needed at the current moment, is the start of a Jigsaw that we’ve been waiting a very long time for.


I won’t write about last night’s England game. The less what’s said the better. Both Wilshere and Walcott were poor, Jack didn’t look match fit, and Theo had one of those headless chicken games he sometimes has with Arsenal. With our squad short of players the one thing we didn’t need is for two of our key players to either get injured or knackered. Looks like we got both from last night’s viewing. It will be interesting to see how we line up against Sunderland, again I can’t see Wilshere starting, and I hope Walcott just picked up a minor knock. Our midfield is a big issue. Who do we play? I’m hearing Rosicky has picked up an Injury during the break so I’m guessing he might just have to start with Ozil on Saturday. All these injuries with two big games coming up away at Sunderland and Marseilles is a big issue. Sunderland haven’t picked up a win yet so I’m a little worried for Saturday. It reminds me of Norwich away last year, the team we were played hadn’t won, we looked pretty good and we got done 1-0.


Only time will tell.



beating the big teams aint that important

So the word on the street is that we’re going to put another bid in for Suarez. Interesting to say the least. With the season exactly one month away we really need to do our business in the next two weeks. However saying that, if Suarez is an actual target then we could technically wait till deadline day because he can’t play anyway. However there are plenty of other targets that we need to bed into the side for the Villa game, which is a game we should be winning. I’m pretty bored of all the transfer talk. I’ll wait until they actually sign because one minute we’re in for Jovetic, then Higuain, Rooney, Fellaini and now Suarez. Have they signed? No!


So, Jack Wilshere has been talking about the need to be better in the games against the teams immediately around us, saying: ‘We need to win the big games. Last year, I think we only won once against the other big teams. We need to improve on that.’ Well I don’t exactly agree with him. My thoughts are that the points lost against the lower teams are more important. The team around us will take points off each other. You look at Chelsea, City and Man Utd all who picked up three points against each other. Yes we lost both home and away vs Chelsea but this isn’t my main issue. These are games where winning isn’t a foregone conclusion. Then again neither is any game in the Premier League, but we ended up 16 points adrift of Man Utd last season and yes if we’d won the big games the gap would be smaller but actually it’s against the lesser teams that we really struggled. We started off the season with a 0-0 vs Sunderland, which was already two points dropped. After a good run we eventually lost to Norwich, which is again more points dropped, especially because at the time Norwich hadn’t even won a game. Three points dropped. Winning your games at home is vitally important surrendering a two goal lead against Fulham and drawing is two dropped points and losing at home to Swansea was a low point in the season where we were outplayed and lost. This is a game we should be winning, especially at home. Another three points dropped. Wedged in-between these two poor results at home was a drab 0-0 away to Aston Villa a team that struggled all season yet we couldn’t even get a decent shot at goal. Yet another two points dropped. So although it’s not the sixteen point gap it’s still a significant chunk of games where we dropped points unnecessarily. 12 points to be exact. Improve on these games first and then look towards the big teams. Surely that’s easier.


Then again who the hell am I to say these things.


Have a good week.