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Frustrated but given a gift from the dark side

Anyone else frustrated? Me too! The geaza kicking things walking up the Holloway Road was frustrated too!! Still better to be frustrated with drawing against a billion pound team than take it lying down. I suppose that shows the progress we’ve made. At the end of the day it wasn’t a bad performance, it wasn’t good either, I think the midfield 3 lacked the endeavour to change the game, perhaps focused a little too much on not losing it. Theo didn’t get going and really that was the big let down.

The main factor in these two “big” games for me has been the refereeing. In fact even back to the Everton game. Shocking tackles missed, it seems ok to bang someone once the ball has gone, a lot of the tackles we’re seeing are bookings. Of course we’re all men and Arsenal should do the same but we are set up to play football not to ‘cheat’. Chelski spent last night trying to cheat, to see what they could get away with, to test the referee. In the end they found no limits. Two, two footers on Arteta, produced one yellow card. I can’t help but think that money is changing hands? With big bets placed on high/low yellow cards someone would have walked away with a few quid on just 3 yellow cards last night. Worst of all it was us who had two of them.

If you had the time to analyze the tackles and compare them to other tackles the same ref would book a player for over the season then he would never ref again. Incompetent comes to mind. Never mind the nail on penalty they missed. I could blame the ref but the lino was 10 yards away with a clear view of the incident. Crazy! On the back of Cit£h away, another definite penalty, and two fair goals ruled out……….. does it really add up?

All in all the run of the last four game terrible. We’d have hoped for at least two wins and a draw from the four, we ended up with two draws. Confidence will have dropped, energy will be sapped, but you can’t rest here. The next four now become more significant than ever. Two away then two home and in reality in terms of winning something they are all must win. Can Arsene rally the troops?

We didn’t get the three points we all wanted to revel in on Christmas day but we did get a nice little present from N17 – Timmy ‘Gooner Tattoo’ Sherwood as the manager. £100s of millions spent chasing a dream, best assets sold, and now they are taking 18 months off the project. The excuse will be attacking football, wham bam whackers like Townsend, for the Glory……… what the fuck is Glory? I’m sure it’s winning……. You can say, give him a chance, you may regret poking fun, but I can assure you Tim Sherwood will be a disaster for them and it will be bloody funny to watch! Progress? Don’t pull my chain.

Nothing will raise the energy levels on 1st January more than a major signing but it is very very quite on that front. There are no deals on the table for anyone, whatever you may read, but really gaffa, the troops need it just like we needed Mesut.

Lets hope we get our Christmas wishes over the next couple of weeks, Up The Gooners and a Very Merry Christmas!

The Tense 90 Minutes

A point gained at the weekend, that’s my take on it, don’t buy into the negativity! Of course with the next three games coming up it would have been nice to chalk a win, but at the end of the day we’d have also taken being further ahead at the start of the weekend. I still stand by my point on the Chel$ki and Cit£h games, if we take draws in both it keeps us ahead of both, losing either plays into the hands of that team. Don’t worry about the hoofers, they will come down with the decorations, it’s the hoofers after all.

Away from the present is the near future, the FA Cup has thrown up a tasty draw for us all.

Tiny Totts at home at 5.15pm on a Saturday. An interesting choice for the old bill to deal with. Time was that would have been a guaranteed early ko but TV rules the world these days. Lock up your daughters it’s sure to be an interesting afternoon.

First up though is yet another BIG game. Away to Napoli and our fate is still not sealed. You can’t get much tougher can you? I’m not out there for the game, didn’t want to get stabbed in the arse, and as far as I know under 200 great gooner have made the journey. Napoli are third in Italy but the saving grace is that they have the fat-spanish-waiter in charge. We all know he is erratic, hopefully he has a little wobble before kick off and plays the keeper up front. We need a draw to win the group, but if we lose we’re out, it’s cut and dry. What a crazy group it has been. I’m still shocked Marseille haven’t woken up, but even with Dortmund’s mountain of injuries, I’m not sure they’d stand a chance of getting anything off them. We had it so easy in the last game against them, they are just not at the races.

We got a few hits on Sunday, Howard Webb pretended not to see half of them, but I’d fancy Arsene to start with the team that ended the game on Sunday. Flamini will start and Rosicky is a usual European starter. Walcott must now be ready to rock so Rambo, Jack, and Santi can rest up to bully Na$ri on Sunday.

Whatever happens it’s sure to be one of those bum clenching night, even if you are two-nil up, anything can happen in this sort of tie. I’m fairly sure we’ll be close in our game and looking over our shoulders to the South of France hoping they can wake up for 5 minutes!! I hate this sort of night, I think I’ll go shopping, or to the driving range……. far too stressful for my young bones!!

Come on The Arsenal!